23 Nov 2017


Question: The correct sentence of the following : 

a. The Nile is longest river in Africa b. Nile is longest river in the Africa c. Nile is longest river in Africa d. The Nile is the longest river in Africa 

Answer: d

Question: A --- statement is an --- comparison ; it does not compare things explicitly, but suggest a likeness between them . a.

sarcastic , unfair b. sanguine , inherent c. blatant , overt d. metaphorical , implied 

Answer: d 

Question: What is the antonym of 'Cease' ?

 a. Start b. Attractive c. Withdraw d. Sure

 Answer: a 

Question: "Who will help you ". বাক্যেটির Passive form হবে -----? 

a. By whom will you be helped ? b. By whom you will be helped ? c. By whom would you be helped ? d. By whom you would be helped ? 

Answer: a 

Question: The antonym of 'Imbecility' is - 

a. Foolishness b. Inactivity c. Impartiality d. Wisdom 

Answer: d

Question: He is poor but honest. In this sentence which is conjunction ? a. poor b. honest c. but d. he

Answer: c 

Question: He was reluctant to have ---- to such stern measures.

 a. follow b. declares c. recourse d. Resource

 Answer: d 

Question: Please keep an ----- on the baby

. a. ear b. look c. eye d. Hand

 Answer: c

Question: Choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word: "Equity"

 a. Uprightness b. Justice c. Integrity d. Bias

 Answer: d 

Question: To be one's , wit's end means - 

a. To become mad b. To come to the end of a journey c. Not to know what to do d. To finish a job 

Answer: c

Question: Which of the following is a correct sentence ? 

a. She denied that she had been written the letter . b. She denied that she had written the letter . c. She denied that she wrote the letter . d. She denied that she has written the letter .

Answer: b

Question: 'John , if your mother catches you playing in the filty mud like that you'll realy be in hot water'. The means that if John's mother catches him he will -

 a. have to wish in hot water b. be in serious trouble c. feel terribly ashamed d. punished by having hot water thrown over him

 Answer: b

Question: Choose the best end for the sentence. He copied my eassy --?

 a. word to word b. word for word c. word in word d. to the last word

 Answer: b

Question: Norms are society's do's and don's : the word 'do's' in this sentence is a/an :

 a. Verb b. Noun c. Adjective d. Adverb 

Answer: b 

Question: Correct the sentence. 

a. He is working hardly to stand first. b. He is working hard to stand first. c. He was working hard to stood first. d. He is worked hardly to stand first.

 Answer: b

Question: People always remember patriots. Which of the following is the best passive form of the above sentence ? a. The

patriots will always be remembered by people b. The patriots are always being remembered c. The people are always remembered by the patriots d. The patriots are always remembered 

Answer: d

Question: "hitting below the belt" means - 

a. doing something unfair in a competition b. injuing someone fatally c. striking someone in the abdomen d. beating someone in a competition

 Answer: aQuestion: "Jamil was puny baby , but thanks to his mother's care , he grew into a --- lad". Fill in the blank with one of the following most nearly opposite in meaning of the sentence.

 a. sturdy b. fall c. great d. Fat

 Answer: a

Question: Select the answer of the word 'Stagflagation'

 a. Controlled prices b. Economic slow down c. Cultural dullness d. A disintegrating government

 Answer: b 

Question: The committee chairperson became so forceful, so ----- in his expression of opinions that the committee members began to leave the meeting . 

a. dormant b. credible c. dogmatic d. lucid e. None of these

 Answer: c

Question: She tried to be serious but she couldn't help ----- ?

 a. laughing b. to laugh c. laugh d. that to laugh 
Answer: a

Question: 'Not bene' means - 

a. For example b. Not sure c. Next page d. Mark well 

Answer: d 

Question: He is named -- his father

. a. to b. of c. with d. after 

Answer: d

Question: It is --- acceptable to being a sentence with and or but .

 a. always b. sometimes c. rerely d. no hard and fast rule

 Answer: c 

Question: The practice of keeping one wife or husband is called - 

a. Monogamy b. Polygamy c. Polyandry d. Paramour 

Answer: a 

Question: Which of the following sentences is not correct ? 

a. She doesn't attend class regularly b. They don't attend class regularly c. She don't attend class regularly d. She does attend class regularly e. They will attend class regularly

 Answer: c

Question: Which one complete the sentence properly ? 

The ship ----- 

a. was sunk b. drowned c. was drowned d. Sank

 Answer: d 

Question: I ----- here since 1980. 

a. live b. am living c. have been living d. lived 

Answer: c

Question: 'Handy' means- 

a. Comfortable b. Useful c. Necessary d. Convenient to handle or use

 Answer: d

Question: Chapal has made tea. Make it passive voice.

 a. Tea is being made by Chapal b. Tea was being made by Chapal c. Tea has been made by Chapal d. Tea have been made by Chapal 

Answer: c

Question: 'Malice' এর সমার্থক শব্দ কোনটি ? 

a. Affiection b. Love c. Animosity d. Kindness

 Answer: c 

Question: A handicapped person is one who -

 a. Works at handicraft b. Suffers from some disability c. Assigns handicaps to contestants d. Gives training in manual skill

 Answer: b 

Question: Which of the following sentences is correct ?

 a. He is very good with mathematics b. He is very good for mathematics c. He is very good at mathematics d. He is very good in mathematics

 Answer: c 

Question: By and large . means -

 a. Very large b. Mostly c. Everywhere d. Far away e. Very far away

 Answer: b 

Question: Find out the synonym of ' Remote' .

 a. Immediate b. Close c. Intimate d. Distant 

Answer: d 

Question: Which one is the correct statement ?

 a. Do as I tell you ? b. Man is mortal c. Past is went d. Does I tell you ? 

Answer: b 

Question: Correct sentence is ----?

 a. Masud knows swiming b. Masud is expert in swiming c. Masud knows the art of swiming d. Masud knows how to swim 

Answer: d

Question: Which of the following is not an adjective ?

 a. humble b. humane c. humid d. humor 

Answer: d

Question: STARE : GLANCE 

a. gulp : sip b. confide : tell c. scorn : admire d. participate : observe

 Answer: a 

Question: The proverb ' A snake in the grass ' means -

 a. A sleeping snake b. A dead snake c. A poisonous snake d. A hidden enemy

Question: 'Look over ' means - 

a. ignore b. examine closely c. neglect d. choose 

Answer: b

Question: Choose the meaning of given expression : A bird in hand is worth two in the bush

 a. Take what you have got readily available rather than expecting better in the future b. The seen is better than the unseen c. Promises are better than actuals d. It is no good beating about the bush

 Answer: a

প্রশ্নঃ Choose the best retains the meaning of the quoted word in the given sentence. What is the "rationale" behind the decision.

 ক. relation খ. charge গ. disadvantage ঘ. logic 

উত্তরঃ ঘ 

Question: "With open arms" means -

 a. with long arms b. warmly c. with exposed arms d. 

Answer: b 

Question: Which of the following sentence is an example of active and resent indefinite tense ? 

a. He is writing a letter. b. I have invited them. c. He has done the work. d. Floods destroy crops

Answer: d

Question: If we want concrete proof, we are looking for ----- ? 

a. Building material b. Something to cover a path c. Clear evidence d. A cement mixture Answer: c 

Question: List of the business or subjects to be considered at a meeting ---- ? 

a. Schedule b. Timetable c. Agenda d. Plan 

Answer: c

Question: Happiness consists --- self -contenment . Which one of the following is the appropriate preposition for the gap.​

 a. of b. to c. on d. In

 Answer: d 

Question: 'Invidious' is opposite to -

 a. Offensive b. Hateful c. Envious d. Charitable

Answer: d 

Question: He does not attend --- his office timely. 

a. to b. in c. at d. on




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