20 Nov 2017


81. Shakespeare was a playwright. Here ‘playwright’ is used as ___.

(a) Object, (b) Noun, (c) Complement.

Ans: (c) Complement.

82. He discourages me ___ to borrow.

(a) from borrowing

(b) of borrowing

(c) on borrowing


Ans: (a) from borrowing.

83. Synonym for ‘Temerity’ is ___.

(a) Sobriety, (b) Insolence, (c) Propriety, (d) Lousy

Ans: (b) Insolence.

84. ‘Mayhem’ means — (a) a bizarre situation, (b) a May Day event, (c) Confusion and fear caused by

violent behaviour, (d) a sudden collapse.


Ans: (c)Confusion and fear caused by violent behaviour

85. ‘Reciprocate’ means — (a) commence, (b) respond, (c) practise, (d) confirm

Ans: (b) respond.

[Note: to behave or feel towards sb in the same way as they behave or feel towards you. Example: I was not

sure whether to laugh or to reciprocate with a remark of my own.]

86. ‘Take over’ means —

Ans: to gain control of a political party, a country etc.

Example: The army is threatening to take over if civil unrest continues.

87. (i) Patriotism — Sir Walter Scott.

(ii) The Patriot — Robert Browning.

(iii) A Frosty Night — Robert Graves.

88. দশটা বাজতে ছয় মিনিট বাকি —

(a) It is six minutes to ten.

(b) It is six to ten.


(c) It is six minutes to ten o’clock.

Ans: (b) It is six to ten.

89. Which of the following authors is an American?

(a) Alexander Pope, (b) Daniel Defoe,

(c) William Faulkner, (d) Robert Browning.

Ans: (c) William Faulkner.(Nobel Winner)

[Note: (a) English, (c) American, (d) English.]

90.Antonym of‘Recalcitrant’ : (a) Compliant, (b) Passive, (c) Indifferent, (d) Careful.

Ans: (b) Passive,

[Note: Synonym of Recalcitrant = Compliant]


91. Antonym of ‘Equivocal’ — (a) Universal, (b) Mistaken, (c) Quaint, (d) Clear.

Ans: (d) Clear.

92. Antonym of ‘Indifference’ — (a) Ardour, (b) Compassion, (c) Anxiety, (d) Concern.

Ans: (d) Concern.

93. Antonym of ‘Supercilious’ — (a) Affable, (b) Haught, (c) Disdainful, (d) Wicked.

Ans: (a) Affable.

94. Antonym of ‘Honorary’ — (a) Literary, (b) Honorable, (c) Salaried, (d) Official.

Ans: (c) Salaried.


95. Antonym of ‘Urbane’ — (a) naive, (b) civic, (c) remote, (d) conventional

Ans: (a) naive.

96. Antonym of ‘Waive’ — (a) hold, (b) forgo, (c) abandon, (d) renounce.

Ans: (a) hold.

[Note: Forgo – ত্যাগ করা।]

97. Antonym of ‘Imbecility’ — (a) foolishness, (b) inactivity, (c) wisdom, (d) impartiality.

Ans: (c) wisdom

98. Antonym of ‘Contentious’ — (a) amenable, (b) inactive, (c) dispassionate, (d) severe.

Ans: (a) amenable.

[Note: Contentious = কলহপ্রিয়।]

99. Antonym of ‘Exacerbate’ — (a) alleviate, (b) bewilder, (c) contemplate, (d) intimidate.

Ans: (a) alleviate.

[Note: Exacerbate = তিক্ত করা, উত্তেজিত করা, অধিকতর খারাপ করা।]

100. ___ stay in that hotel.

(a) Never again will they, (b) Never again they will,

(c) Again never they will, (d) Again they will never.

Ans: (a) Never again will they.

101. When we found him he was unconscious but he came ___ in half an hour.

(a) off, (b) out, (c) away, (d) round.

Ans: (d) round.

102. They were charged ___ receiving stolen goods.

(a) of, (b) with, (c) in, (d) for.

Ans: (b) with.

103. Monarch : Republic —

(a) Chaos : Disorder, (b) Verbosity : Word,

(c) Penury : Wealth, (d) Anarchy : Government.

Ans: (c) Penury : Wealth.

[Note: Monarch না থাকলে Republic বলে — Penury না থাকলে Wealth বলে।

Penury = the state of being very poor.]

104. Because she had a reputation for ___, we were surprised and pleased when she greeted us so ___.

(a) oppressed, scorned; (b) admired, provoked;

(c) insolence, irately; (d) arrogance, disdainfully;

(e) arrogance, cordially; (f) querulousness, affably.

Ans: (f) querulousness, affably.

105. ‘A dark horse’ means — (a) ‘a horse’ black in colour, (b) a man who doesn’t talk much but surprises

others by his qualities, (c) an ignorant and unpleasant person.

Ans: (b) a man who doesn’t talk much but surprises others by his qualities.

106. Choose the correct sentence —

(a) The matter was informed to the police.

(b) The police was informed of the matter.

(c) The police were informed of the matter.

Ans: (c) The police were informed of the matter.

107. Choose the correct sentence —

(a) You are mistaken in holding this view.

(b) You are mistaken to hold this view.

Ans: (a) You are mistaken in holding this view.

108. “The rise and fall of the tide ___ due to lunar influence”. The correct form is —

(a) The rise and fall of the tide are due to lunar influence.

(b) The rise and fall of the tide ___ due to lunar influence.


Ans: (b) The rise and fall of the tide is due to lunar influence.

109. Choose the correct sentence — (a) Two major religious of the world are Christianity and Islam.

(b) Two of the major religious of the world are Christianity and Islam.

(c) Two among the major religious of the world are Christianity and Islam.

Ans: (c) Two among the major religious of the world are Christianity and Islam.

110. This skirt does ___ at the back.(-Oxford)

(a) on, (b) in, (c) up, (d) out.

Ans: (c) up.

111. Rita sat on the corner of the table ___ the door.

(a) by, (b) near, (c) beside, (d) to.

Ans: (c) beside.

112. He was guilty ___ contempt of the court.

(a) of, (b) for, (c) at, (d) to.

Ans: (a) of.

113. Graff looked in awesome form as she cruised ___ an easy 6-2, 6-1 and 6-1 victory.

(a) on, (b) over, (c) in, (d) to.

Ans: (d) to. (Oxford)

114. As soon as he became rich, he can’t ___ his old friends.

(a) off, (b) aside, (c) away, (d) down.

Ans: (b) aside.

115. ‘Bring to pass’ — (a) cause to happen, (b) cause to carry out, (c) cause to convince.

Ans: (a) cause to happen.

116. If a man is ‘worth his salt’ he is ___.


(a) a soldier, (b) a thirsty man, (c) a valuable employee, (d) a highly paid worker.

Ans: (c) a valuable employee.

[Note: deserving respect especially because you do your job well.]

117. We were horrified ___ what we saw.

Ans: by.

118. The meaning of ‘Ignominy’ is — public shame and loss of honour.(-DISGRACE)

119. I would ___ him down as a coward.

(a) regard, (b) write, (c) consider, (d) call.

Ans: (a) regard.

[Note: consider আর call এর পরে as লাগে না।]

120.‘Biennial’means —

Ans: happening once every two years.

121. He got his spectacles ___.

(a) in, (b) on, (c) within, (d) at.

Ans: (b) on.

122. Write down the passive form of ‘Smoke fills the room’.

(a) The room was filled in smoke.

(b) The room was filled with smoke.

(c) The room was filled by smoke.

Ans: (b) The room was filled with smoke.

123. ‘The Tale of Two Cities’ উপন্যাসটি কোন দুইটা শহর কেন্দ্রিক?

Ans: London and Paris.

[Note: ১৭৮৯ থেকে ১৭৯৯ এর সময় French Revolution নিয়ে লেখা।]

124. I am not in ___ know of the things.

(a) a, (b) the, (c) one.


Ans: (b) the.

[Note: ‘in the know’ idiom]

125. He knew it was a risky/not difficult/dangerous/troublesome operation, but he was determined to carry it


Ans: Risky.

126. They have pledged/not provided their support for our case.

Ans: Pledged.

127. Because she had a reputation for ___, we were surprised and pleased when she greeted us so ___.

Ans: querulousness, affably.

128. A ___ statement is an ___ comparison; it doesn’t compare things explicitly, but suggests a likeness

between them.

Ans: metaphorical, implied.

[Example: She has a heart of stone.]

129. People who assume that no evil can befall them are foolishly complacent/confident/ardent.

Ans: confident.

[Note: Complacent = আত্নপরিতৃপ্ত/সন্তুষ্ট।]

130. Submission : Yielding — (a) Subjection : Liberation, (b) Restrain : Indulge, (c) Compliant : Acquiescent,

(d) Restriction : Relaxation.

Ans: (c) Compliant : Acquiescent.

131. Assert : Dissent — (a) Affirm : Object, (b) Reject : Disapprove, (c) Acknowledge : Recognize, (d)

Endorse : Ratify .

Ans: (a) Affirm : Object.

132. A speech made without previous preparation — extempore/impromptu.(spoken or done without any

previous thought or preparation.)

133. The tap kept ___ all the evening because it needed repairing.

(a) pouring, (b) running, (c) dripping, (d) trickling(চিকন ধারায়)

Ans: (d) trickling.

134. “Stories from Famous Poems” কার লেখা?

Ans: E.F. Dodd.

135. Could you come to my place in the evening ___ at around seven?

(a) for instance, (b) say, (c) by.

Ans: (b) say.

136. He doesn’t like Beethoven and neither do I. Here ‘neither’ is a/an —

(a) preposition, (b) adverb, (c) adjective, (d) conjunction.

Ans: (b) adverb.

137. Manufacturers often sacrifice quality —

(a) for a larger profit margin,

(b) in place of earning more money,

(c) instead earn a bigger amount of profit.

Ans: (a) for a larger profit margin.

138. I am convinced ___ the necessity of prudence.

(a) with, (b) to, (c) of, (d) at.
Ans: (c) of.


139. To ‘cold shoulder’ somebody is to —

(a) insult him, (b) ignore him, (c) abuse him, (d) avoid him.

Ans: (b) ignore him.

[Note: a display of coldness or indifference, intended to wound.

Cold-Shoulder: to treat somebody in an unfriendly way.

The meaning of ‘Insult him’ and ‘Abuse him’ are same.]

140. Which one is right?

(a) conteguous, (b) contigous, (c)contiguous.

Ans: (c) contiguous.

141. (i)I am not ambitious ___ fame.

Ans: for.

(ii) I have no ambition ___ fame.

Ans: of.

142. The dog ran ___ the road.

Ans: along.

143. Which sentence is correct?

(a) She was taller than either of her five sisters.

(b) I was the man whom they thought was dead.

(c) Who do you think is he?

Ans: (c) Who do you think is he?

[Note: The correct form of (a) is — She was taller than any other of her five sisters.]

144.Man proposes, God disposes. It is a/an ––

(a) Oxymoron, (b) Anti-thesis, (c) Pun, (d) Irony.

Ans: (b) Anti-thesis.

145. I often wonder how you’re getting on. Here ‘how you’re getting on’ is —

(a) Adverb clause, (b) Noun clause, (c) Adjective clause, (d) Relative clause.

Ans: (b) Noun clause.

146. Here’s the smell of blood still; all the perfume of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand —

(a) Euphemism, (b) Epigram, (c) Metonymy, (d) Hyperbole.

Ans: (d) Hyperbole.

[Note: Adapted from ‘Macbeth – Shakespeare.]

147. Feminine equivalent of the word ‘comedian’ is —

(a) Comedienne, (b) Comedic, (c) Comedious, (d) Comedic.

Ans: (a) Comedienne.

148. What figure of speech has been used in ‘Jingle- jangle, melodious murmur’ —

(a) personification, (b) metaphor, (c) onomatopoeia, (d) alliteration.

Ans: (c)onomatopoeia.

149. “I’m changing all the time, sometimes people like me, sometimes they don’t” –=

(a) dream, (b) whether, (c) wind, (d) wave.

Ans: (b) whether.

150. What is the collective noun for a group of young partridges?

(a) gaggle, (b) covey, (c) flock, (d) school.

Ans: (b) covey.

[Note: Gaggle: A group of noisy people. ]

151. The train runs ___ time.

Ans: on. (not with time)

[Note: In time = সময়ের আগে।

On time = যথা সময়ে।

To time = সময়ের সাথে সামঞ্জস্য রেখে।]

152. My father was in hospital for six weeks ___ the summer.

Ans: during. (not in summer)

153.(i) He entrusted the task ___ his nephew.

Ans: to.

(ii) He entrusted his nephew ___ the task.

Ans: with.

154. He arrived ___ a decision.

Ans: at. (not arrived to)

155. We need two hundred dollars ___ this to pay for everything.

Ans: besides. (not beside, as well, also)

156. The intellectual can no longer be said to live ___ the margins the society.

Ans: beyond.

157. The mob ___ dispersed.

(a) have, (b) has, (c) is, (d) are.

Ans: (a) have, (b) has.

[Note: Mob + was/were(দুইটাই হয়)]

158. A Shakespearean play consists of ___.

(a) three acts, (b) two acts, (c) five acts, (d) one act.

Ans: (c) five acts.

159.Translation:প্রথমে আমিই তোমাকে সাহায্য করেছিলাম।

(a) It was I who helped you first,

(b) It is I who helped you first.

Ans: (b) It is I who helped you first.

160. Romeo and Juliet is a ___.

(a) comedy, (b) tragedy, (c) romance, (d) morality play.

Ans: (b) tragedy.


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