01 Jul 2018

ONE Bank Question Solution

Post: Special Cadre Officer
Exam date: 29 June 2018

Section A: English Language and Communication

Q. (1-5): Find out which underlined parts (a, b, c and d) of the following sentences has an error.

1.The securities broker is an essential link among the consumer and the stock market.

Ans: among


2. The sounds of speaking language do not always match up with the symbols of written language.

Ans:  speaking 


 3. Walking reduces depression and anxiety, lessens stress, self-esteem is raised, and

increases energy.

Ans: self-esteem is raised


4. It is essential that commercial fishing has large shoals of fish of one species within reach of markets.

Ans: has


5. Poison gas, because its stealth and murderous fumes, is the most fear-inspiring                                

of all weapons of war.

Ans: because its



Q. (6-10): Each question below consists of a word printed in capital letters, followed by four words. Select the lettered word that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word in capital letters. 1x5-5



Ans:  porous



Ans:  verbose



Ans:  demand    



 Ans:) welcome



Ans:  lackluster     


Q. (11-15). Select the pair that expresses a relationship similar to that expressed in the original pair.                                     



Ans:  swerve: tum




Ans:  score: improvise   



 Ans: ) presumption: propriety


 Ans:) gamble: stake       



Ans:  recluse: privacy



Q. (16-20): Choose the appropriate words or phrase that best completes the sentence.



16. Soil-covered lava lands usually support a normal forest --- enough water.

Ans: (a) if there is  


17. Not often ....... fatal today, but immediate medical attention is essential.

Ans: ) is a rattlesnake bite


18. Spray cans produce an aerosol, which is --------

Ans:) a very fine spray


19. Kites come in all shapes and sizes, some ......... a person.

Ans:) large enough to carry


20. -------types of investments go up or down in value at the same time.

Ans:  Not all   


Section B: Mathematics and Analytical Ability Q. (21-30): Choose the correct answer.


21. If 100-74 is writter. as an integer in base 10 notation, what is the surr of the digits in that integer? (a) 424     Ans: 440  


22. City X has a population 4 times as great as the population of City Y, which has a population twice as great as the population of City Z. What is the ratio of the population of City X to the population of City Z?



23. A rectangular floor that measures 8 meters by 10 meters is to be covered with carpet squares that each measure 2 meters by 2 meters. If a carpet square costs Tk.12, calculate the total cost to cover 2/3 of the floor?

Ans: )Tk. 160   


24. Travelling at a constant speed of 32 miles per hour, a certain motorboat consumes 24 gallons of fuel per - hour. What is the fuel consumption of this boat at this speed measured in miles per gallon of fuel?



25. A collection of 16 coins, each with a face value of either 10 paisa or 25 paisa, has a total face value of

Tk. 2.35. How many of the coins have a face value of 25 paisa?

Ans: ) 5    


26. Ir the range of the six numbers 4, 3, 14, 7, 10 and X is 12, what is the difference between the oreatest

possible value of X and the least possible value of X?

Ans: )13


27. 4.8 x 10^9 is closest in value to

 Ans:) 70000   


28 (0.0036)(2.8) / (0.04)(0.1) (0. 003)=?

Ans:) 840    


29. Ms X made a fixed deposit of Tk. 10,000 for 1 year at an annual rate of 8 percent compounded

semiannually. Calculate the amount of interest to be paid at maturity?

Ans:) Tk. 816 


30. In the first week of the year, Nancy saved Tk. 1. In each of the next S1 weeks. she saved Tk. 1 more than

she had saved in the previous week. What was the total amount that Nancy saved during the 52 weeks?

 Ans:) Tk. 1378  


(31-34): Read the information and answer the questions.


Six arms negotiators-M, O, P, R, S, and T- are to be seated at a round table to discuss disarmament. There are exactly six chairs around the table. Each negotiator sits facing the center of the table and is directly opposite a negotiator across the table. The seating arrangement is subject to the following restrictions: T cannot sit next to P; S cannot sit next to M; R must sit next to M.


 31. Which of the following is an acceptable sequence of negotiators around the table?

Ans:) T,R, M, P, S,O


32. If M sits next to P, which of the following is a complete and accurate list of those who can sit next to P

on  P's other side?

Ans: ) 0,s


33. If T sits next to Mand S sits next to R, which of the other negotiators must sit next to S?

Ans:) P    


34. If T sits directly across the table from 0, who must sit on the other side of P?

Ans:) O


Q. (35-38): Read the information and answer the questions.

35. If the word EXAMINATION is written as 89123416354, what word does 456354 stand for?

Ans: ) NOTION    


36. Which number will complete the series 3, 19,4174111 -- ?

Ans: ) 163    


 37. R is the brother of S and M is the father of J is the brother of P and P is the daughter of S. Who is the

690 uncle of J?

Ans:) R     


 38. Of the five members of a panel sitting in a row, R is on the left of P but right of T and Q is on the left of

S but right of P. Who is sitting in the middle?

Ans: ) P    


Section C: General Knowledge

TALPOS Q.(39-44): Choose the correct answer.


39. According to the proposed National Budget 2018-19, ....... of total revenue will come from VAT.

Ans:) 37.3%     


 40. In 2018 Bangladesh Women Cricket Team won the Asia Cup T-20 against India by(

Ans:) 3 wickets


41. Which of the following is the expected life of the country's lone Satellite, Bangabandhu-1?

Ans:) 15 years 


42. How many teams are taking part in the FIFA World Cup Football-2018?

Ans:) 32    


 43. Which of the following is not a bank note?

Ans:) Two-Taka note   


44. The secretariat of the SAARC Food Bank is located in.

Ans:) India   






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