Frequently Asked Questions

Go to your “User Panel”, scroll down to the bottom. You will find an option called “My Membership Plan”. The options and procedures are given there. Please call 01715864162 for more details.
After payment please send an SMS with your email address to the same number with last 3 digits of Transaction ID. After half an hour, logout from your account and login with the email address you sent the SMS to us.
Please call on the given number and let us know about the delay.Phone Number: 01715864162; 01917777021

N.B: If nobody picks up, your account will still be activated within 24 hours.

Please Bkash the package amount to the given Number: 01917777021
There is an option "Forgot Password?” on the home screen. Click on the option. Then give your email address that you used to login to Studypress. A link will be sent to your email address. Click on the link and then you will be able to change your password of your Studypress account.
You can update your membership by paying online using Bkash/ Master card/ Visa card. If you don’t have any of these, you can pay from a Bkash agent.
Try logging in through a different browser. This problem generally occurs with “Opera Mini” Browser.
You should go through the chapters one by one. Read the chapter details first. Then go through the practice question portion. If you think you are ready, test yourself with the “Quiz”portion. You should not move onto next chapter if you haven’t got more than 90% of the full marks. If you fail to do so, go through the chapter details again, then take the quiz. Best of luck. 
You have to go through all the questions and at the end the “Next” options changes into “Finish and Submit”. Click on the option and you will get your result.
Submit your answers after giving the test. A page with your test result will appear. On the upper Left corner of the result box, there is an option “View All”. By clicking onto that option you will get all the questions at once with your answers as well as the correct ones. The page takes time to load, please have patience with us.
You will get 10% discount on your next purchase of membership plan.
After payment please send an SMS with your email address to the same number with last 3 digit of Transaction ID.
There is an option “My Statistics”, click on it then select “Model Test Results”. You will find all the test results you have taken previously.
Yes, you can use from any Android Devices.
This is the home page of your account with Studypress. You can find few pop-up shortcuts to your desired query as well as systematically listed options and layout of the page.
In this page, you can read the content of your required examination preparation chapter wise as well as you can practice through sample questions.
You can go through the questions of previous job tests here as well as take the tests and judge your preparations.
In this section you can give model tests of your desired examinations. The results are given instantaneously.
In this section, you will find all the current news and affairs up to date.
In this section, all of your mistakes are recorded. This includes Mistakes from Model Tests, Quizzes, Practice section etc. These questions are there for you to recheck again.
In this section, all of your questions added to review list during taking a model test are included.This helps to check a question you didn’t know, even if you have hit the correct answer without knowing.
In this section, you will find all of your results and statistics regarding your result. This section is divided into Exams, Quizzes, Model Tests and your strength in particular chapters with comparison.
In this section, you will find important tricks to memorize some hard questions. This section is updated every day.
This is an educational forum, where different important and interesting topics are discussed with the users. Simply, this is a discussion section.