How To Register

There is mainly two ways to register in studypress.

  1. Registration By Facebook
  2. Manual Registration

Registration By Facebook

If you have a facebook account then you can register in studypress by just one click.Just Go to homepage and click on Login With Facebook(Figure 1) button. Remember you need to set a password after registering or login with facebook for login manualy in studypress.

Facebook Registration
Figure 1 : Facebook Registration

Manual Registration

To register manualy just click SIGNUP(Figure 2) button in menu.

Figure 2 : Manual Registration Link 1

Or click Sign Up Now(Figure 3) link under login area in home page.

Figure 3 : Manual Registration Link 2

Fill all the necessary field(Figure 4) in this form and click sign up button. After successfull registration you will be redirected to dashboard.

Registration Page
Figure 4 : Registration Page

Enjoy !