09 Oct 2017

বাংলাদেশ কৃষি ব্যাংক অফিসার ২০১৭

# If n is an even integer, which of the followings must be an odd integer, 

7n - 2 /// 5(n -2) ///(16n+24)/8///(6n+12)/3

Ans: (16n+24)/8 

# Tamim runs diagonally across a rectangular field twice that has a length of 40 yards and a width of 30 yards. What is the length of the diagonal, in yards, that Tamim runs? 

50 yards ///70 yards /// 100 yards /// 600 yards

Ans: 50 yards  

# Solve the following inequality: -2x - 5 > x - 2 

x>1///x<-1///x < 1/// x > 3

Ans: x<-1

# In a class 78 students, 41 are taking French and 22 are taking German. Of the students taking French or German, 9 are taking both courses. How many students are not enrolled in either course? 

6///15///24/// 64

Ans: 24


# If 3-6 × 7 + 6 ÷4 = x, what is the value of x ? 

-3.75 /// 37.5///-37.5///-40.5


# What is the next number in the series 3,18, 90, 360, ....? 

720 ///480 /// 1800 ///1080

Ans: 1080

# If the hour hand of a clock is turned anticlockwise from 2 pm to 9 am, thoroughly how many degrees will it have turned? 

210 ///570///150///510

Ans: 150

#One-third of a number is four times of eleven. What is the half of that number? 

66 ///44 ///132///264

Ans: 66 



#Average of 6 numbers is 8.5. When one number is discarded, the avenge of the remaining numbers , becomes 7.2. What is the discarded number?

 7.8/// 6.5 ///16 ///15


#The business partners Rahim. Sohel and Karim agree to divide their Total profit for a certain year in the ratio 2:5:8. If Sohel’s profit was Taka 20,000 what was the total profit of the business for the year? 

Taka 800///Taka 32,000/// Taka 52,000///Taka 60,000

Ans:Taka 60,000

# What is the value of x in the figure below? 

36 ///5 ///20/// 10

Ans: B



# Mr. A and Mr. B have a combined weekly salary of Taka 1,000. If salary of A is increased by 2.5 times and salary of B is increased by 1.5 times, the combined salary would be Taka 1600. What was the original salary of B? 

Taka 100///Taka 250///Taka 900/// Taka 1350

Ans: Taka 900

# Jahir has 15 red balls; he gives Sami 3 balls. Sami now has twice the number of balls Jahir has left. How many balls did Sami have at the beginning? 

24 ///12///27///21

Ans: 21

# When a number is divided by 5, The remainder is 3. If the square of this number is divided by 5 then What is the remainder? 

5 ///4///7///1


# The value of -3 -(-10) is how much greater than the value of -10 - (-3)? 

0 /// -7 ///7///14

Ans: 14

# If a photocopier makes 2 copies in 1/3 second, at the same rate, how many copies does it make in 4 minutes? 

1200/// 24 ///144///1440

Ans: 1440

# A pen is sold for Taka 48 with a 20% profit. What is the purchase price of the pen? 

32 ///40///48///57.6

Ans: 40

# A bank pays simple interest rate of 8% on investment. If you invest Taka 5,000 in the bank, how much money would you get after 8 years? 

9,255/// 3,200 /// 5,320 ///8,200

Ans: 8200

# If 16^2x+4 =4^3x+3 then x = ? 

- 5/// 1/// 3/// - 1

Ans: - 5

# If the length and width of a rectangular garden plot were each increased by 20% what would be the percent increase in the area of the plot? 

20%///44///144%/// 40%

Ans: 44%

#Find the slope of the line 5x - 5y = 7 

5 ///5/7 ///1///7/5

Ans: 1

# If a man walks 14 kilometer/hour instead of 10 kilometer/hour, he would have walked 20 kilometers more. The actual distance travelled by him is: 

30 kilometer///50 kilometer/// 80 kilometer///70 kilometer

Ans: 50 kilometer


 # In the coordinate plane, for which one of the following values of x would the graph of the equation y = x^3 -x^2-6x not touch thc x-axis? 

2///3 /// -2 ///0

Ans: 0

#How many 3-digit integers can be chosen such that none of the digits appear more than twice, none of the digits equal 0? 

 729///720/// 756/// 504




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